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Welcome to my Martian Successor Nadesico homepage! Here, this page you will find bunch information about each characters profiles (not all the characters^_^) , mecha, and other information about Battleship Nadesico made crewed by the best the Super Techonological Corporation NERGAL can find. Nadesico was created by STUDIO TRON, art by major artists Kia Asamiya and Michitaka Kakuchi (Silent Mobius, Detonator Orgun..etc). The Animation, which was broadcast from November 1996 to April 1997, was directed by Tatsuoh Satoh, while the character designs were done by Keiji Goto and the mecha designs was directed by Mika Akitaka (Gundam ZZ, 0083, Sentinel, Galaxy Fraulein).

This is of course, only a partial description of a incrediable anime. The general feel is a mix between MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, SPACE CRUISER YAMATO, and Go Nagai's 70's robot shows. The characters and mechas designs are incredibly well done, especially Yurika's. The animation is very well done for a TV show, not as good as Escaflowne or Evangelion, but still very descent. The music is excellent and fits the show's [I liked the Opening song the best] and fit's the atmosphere perfectly. The ending is a little disapointing but fans will be glad to know that a movie will be comeing out in 1998, probably to finish the story properly and answer a few mysteries...[Kinda like Evangelion]

Anyway's please enjoy your stay and choose a spot to view on the left-hand side. This place is still under development, as there isn't much I can offer...yet.

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